Integrated solutions address several difficulties at the same time

Cities are increasingly having to cope with problems relating to safety, habitability, mobility, energy supplies, water supplies and health. These problems are interrelated; they affect and amplify one another. Integrated solutions are needed. That requires urban planning designs, approaches to structuring and techniques that resolve several difficulties at the same time, and ensure that cities are robust in the face of increasing pressure. To analyse the challenges and implement solutions, interdisciplinary knowledge and skills are necessary: an understanding of the soil and water system, socio-economic factors, infrastructure and governance, as well as appropriate solutions. Deltares has that knowledge, and we supply integrated solutions. The value can be seen in:

  • Greater certainty and frameworks for action
  • Less vulnerability, more security and resilience
  • Less damage
  • More effective management and maintenance
  • More economical use of resources (energy, water, land, nutrients)
  • Beneficial use of resources
  • Sustainable use of new resources
  • Exploitation of nature-based solutions/ecosystem services
  • Improved (healthy, safe, pleasant) living environment

We focus in particular on

Interaction between the physical system and urban functioning

In our projects, we analyse the interaction between the physical system and the way a city functions. We use this knowledge to develop and apply innovations that contribute to the quality of urban design, spatial planning, and the effectiveness of management and maintenance.


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