About Jan Verkade

Dr. Verkade is a hydrometeorologist with a keen interest in hydrologic forecast – decision – response systems. He works as an operational forecaster in the Dutch national fluvial forecasting service at Rijkswaterstaat and as a forecasting systems developer and research scientist in the department of Operational Water Management in Deltares.

In terms of theoretical background, Dr. Verkade has completed a PhD project in 2015, in which he extensively researched the estimation, use, and verification of estimates of predictive atmospheric and hydrologic uncertainty. Specifically, he has researched and published on the benefits of estimating predictive uncertainty, on the effects of post-processing of precipitation and temperature forecasts on streamflow predictions, and on effectively using estimates of predictive hydrologic uncertainty.

In addition, Dr. Verkade has ample experience in the development of operational, real-time hydrological forecasting systems (often based on Delft-FEWS). This includes both the design and the implementation phase.

Since 2010, Dr. Verkade has been a member of the river forecasting service of the Water Management Centre of the Netherlands. As a river forecaster, he has been responsible for monitoring and forecasting of water levels and discharge of the rivers Rhine and Meuse. In addition to its responsibilities for forecasting for the Dutch rivers, in autumn 2011 the team has assumed shared responsibility for interpreting and disseminating forecasts for the European Flood Awareness System (EFAS).

Dr. Verkade holds a PhD degree in Hydraulic Engineering and Flood Risk Management, a (cum laude) Master of Science degree in Water Resources Management (both from Delft University of Technology), a Master of Arts degree in International Relations from Dublin City University, and a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing Management from The Hague University. Including a brief interlude, he has worked for Deltares since 1998.

Outside of the office, Jan is a father to a son (2010) and a daughter (2014). He enjoys playing the guitar as well as participating in the Good Judgment Open forecasting tournament.

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