About Kun Yan

Dr. Kun Yan is an accomplished senior researcher/advisor in Coastal Hydrodynamics and Forecasting at Deltares. Dedicated to both academic and applied research, Dr. Yan has over 10 years’ experience in forecasting weather-induced extreme events and climate adaptation.

Dr. Yan develops operational forecasting systems for tide, storm surge, waves, and flooding in various countries around the world, and leads development of the Global Storm Surge Information System (GLOSSIS) and Global Tide and Surge Model (GTSM) at Deltares. He is skilled in system design/integration, hydrodynamic/flood modeling, and forecast dissemination, utilising the open 24/7 operational framework Delft-FEWS in combination with simulation software such as Delft3D FM and SFINCS. At Deltares, Dr. Yan leads the strategic research program 'Real Time Information', which focuses on developing cutting-edge global-to-local multi-hazard forecasting systems. This comprehensive research program encompasses various aspects of forecasting, monitoring, and early warning, providing Dr. Yan with a broad perspective on the future of the field's development.

In the field of climate adaptation, Dr. Yan has led multiple Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S) and Europe`s Destination Earth contracts to provide a consistent global dataset for tide, storm surge, and wave climate for historical conditions and future scenarios. He has also spearheaded efforts to provide global high-resolution coastal flood maps under sea level rise to Microsoft Planetary Computer. Dr. Yan's interests also extend to Lagrangian particle tracking, where he and his team achieved an impressive 2nd place ranking in the DARPA Forecasting Floats in Turbulence (FFT) challenge.

As Team Lead Operational Forecasting, Dr. Yan is enthusiastic about proposal writing and project acquisition and has a proven track record in developing partnerships and networks at the international level. Dr. Yan's multifaceted expertise and experience make him an asset in the field of Coastal Hydrodynamics and Forecasting.

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