About Marcel Taal

Marcel Taal has an outstanding track record and experience in coastal and estuarine policy and management in the Netherlands. Since more than fifteen years he concentrated on the challenge to link system knowledge and estuarine and coastal management. At present he is working in the section Morphology and Sediment Dynamics of the Unit Marine and Coastal Systems.

He fulfills the role of program manager, a position that he held for over five years now. He shows remarkable qualities in managing complex projects and programs, in the sense that advices are given and knowledge is developed that really match the problems and questions of coastal and estuarine managers and policy makers.

During the six years in which he worked for the Dutch government he was leading the coastline management program, the innovation program for the Dutch coast and was the author of the National Water Management Plan (BPRW 2005-2008). In the four years following, within Deltares he continued this work, but now with the focus on the Scheldt estuary, a region where he already has been successful from 1998-2000. He is now the key player in the research programs for the Scheldt estuary.

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