Different functions

The general public and businesses are increasingly demanding when it comes to the facilities in cities. Leisure activities, commerce and infrastructure are functions that require ever more space. Flood protection is vital to safeguard city life. The question is what openings can be found for these functions near flood defences, or for integrating them in, or combining them with, flood defences. How is it possible to take the impact of policy changes and social developments into account?


The answers to these questions require the integration of flood risk management and spatial planning in urban settings. A integrated approach begins by looking at functions: flood protection, leisure facilities, parking or other functions. Each function involves stakeholders who want to work together on integrated solutions that will have to comply with statutory requirements.


Deltares has acquired extensive experience in projects that integrate flood protection and spatial planning. Examples include:

  • Scheveningen Boulevard
    The strengthened sea dike has been encapsulated in a completely renovated boulevard that follows the undulating course of the old dunes. Deltares made an assessment of the safety level in the upgrade plan.
  • Design variants for Rotterdam flood defences
    The primary defence in Rotterdam cuts straight through the city. A study was conducted of design variants that integrate and combine different functions. The focus was on flood risk management and spatial ambitions for the city. Deltares was a member of the core team and we were responsible for the flood risk management component. As part of this project, a communication tool was developed for the stakeholders: the Dyqualizer.
  • Climate Dike in Streefkerk
    Climate-robust alternatives for dike upgrades were examined for three locations on the banks of the Lower Rhine/Lek. Deltares was involved in the planning and we drafted and elaborated
  • Almere Beach, building in the dunes
    DUIN is being created on the Almere lakeside. DUIN involves housing development and the creation of a lively centre with a promenade. DUIN includes dunes up to 10 metres high, interspersed with wood land, creeks and a dune valley. Deltares worked on the drafting of an analysis matrix for flood risk management during the development of conceptual solution options.
  • Lauwersoog
    There was an examination of the options for ensuring that flood risk management and spatial planning interact positively and contribute to maintaining the special identity of Lauwersoog. Deltares ensured that flood protection was maintained while being tailored to other functions.

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