Pacific Basin

The Pacific Basin is a multifunctional wave current basin, which is used for coastal and offshore related projects in which 3D effects are important, e.g. breakwater heads and foundations of offshore structures.

The wave generator is capable of generating both regular and irregular long-crested waves. For wave board control, data acquisition and data processing Deltares’ time-series generating and processing package AUKE is used. Wave board control for random second-order waves is available.
The basin is also equipped with a pumping system, in order to create a one-directional flow, enabling the simulation of a current, or a combination of waves and current. The possible angle between wave and flow direction is variable between 45º and 90º.

Application areas
The influence of three-dimensional wave attacks on structures can be substantial. To study phenomena related to such conditions 3D model tests can be carried out in the Pacific Basin. Because of the unique combination of a wave board and a pumping system the Pacific Basin is extremely appropriate to study the impact of waves, current or a combination of waves and current on coastal, offshore and harbour structures. We are involved in many studies where aspects of armour stability, stability of scour protection, scour and erosion related problems are of primary interest.
The dimensions and features of the wave maker are such that research in both the “Scheldt flume” and in the “Pacific Basin” can be performed on the same scale.

Typical studies for the Pacific Basin are related to:

  • Breakwaters; 3D stability and breakwater
  • Roundheads
  • Mobile bed structures
  • Stability of pipe covering systems

Technical specifications:

Wave basin
Horizontal dimensions: 30 x 22.5 m
Basin height: 1.25 m
Maximum water depth: 1.0 m
Minimum water depth: 0.25 m
Wave generator
Wave board: cradle-type
Width of the wave maker: 14 m (7 m + 7 m)
Height of the wave board: 1.2 m
Wave characteristics
Frequency range: f = 0 to 2 Hz
Maximum wave height: Hmax = 0.4 m for f = 0.5 Hz
Maximum significant wave height: Hs = 0.21 m for Tp  = 1.9 s
Wave damping: spending beach
Pumping system
Number of pumps: 8
Maximum overall pump capacity: 1.8 m3/s
Angle between flow and wave direction: between 45º – 90º