Wave energy

Wave energy is the energy generated by the rapidly changing height of the water in the sea due to waves. Deltares has considerable knowledge about water waves and the protection of harbours and coastlines against wave impact. Deltares came up with the “Energie Haven” (Energy Harbour) concept, in which our knowledge is used to concentrate wave energy to a certain spot instead of deflecting it. An energy harbour is thus a conceptual idea to create the “ideal” local wave conditions to generate wave energy. With this method, certain areas along the coast could be made more economically interesting for this form of energy generation.

Higher yields from wave energy converters

Deltares helps inventors, developers and investors in wave energy converters (WECs) to get the best yield from wave energy. Our knowledge about waves, such as insight into the interaction between waves, flows and wave energy converter(s) are essential to determine the best location for one or more WECs. We also examine the effects of WECs on each other. With our unique wave facilities, we can test WECs under controlled prototype conditions (wave height up to 5 m) and help developers to improve their concept. We employ our knowledge and experience for:

  • Testing and validating new and existing WEC concepts. For example, using our physical wave facilities to test the WEC under extreme wave conditions.
  • Modelling wave development and propagation from a large scale to small details with software like Delft3D FM (SWAN), PHAROS, CFD (StarCCM, OpenFoam)
  • Employing measurement and monitoring techniques to optimise WECs. For example, measuring waves, force (pressure), flow speeds, displacement, etc.
  • Carrying out impact studies of WEC parks on the surroundings, nature and the coast involving scouring studies, ecological and morphological impact studies.
  • Advice about the technical feasibility and development of WECs and WEC parks