This new classification, hazard mapping and climate change adaptation guidance builds on the Coastal Hazard Wheel that is a universal coastal management framework. The new global coastal classification and adaptation guidance is made available as a web-application: the Coastal Hazard Wheel App. The app makes use of the latest global geodata from remote sensing and modelling coupled with advanced IT-modules to classify the world’s coastlines. The app is freely available as a web application which can be explored via the Coastal Hazard Wheel website.

Building proper resilience and reducing disaster risk in coastal areas is a major global challenge and particularly urgent for Small Island Developing States (SIDS). FAO and the Coastal Hazard Wheel initiative (of which Deltares is part) are therefore working together to test and further develop the new global coastal classification system in its efforts to support SIDS and other coastal countries with adaptation through healthy coastal ecosystems and resilient communities.

The Coastal Hazard Wheel App is developed by Deltares in close cooperation with the Coastal Hazard Wheel initiative.

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