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Climate change speaks to us through the weather, which is different from what we are used to. Normal no longer exists. This is both challenging and motivating when it comes to our work. Challenging, because in our sector we’re proud of our long-term perspective. Yet it is precisely that long term that is full of uncertainties. Motivating, because of the increased urgency to devise concrete proposals.

In this issue, we look back past, present and future. We consider uncertainties, such as climate change and how this challenge is tackled in New Zealand (interview with professor Judy Lawrence). We also consider the global challenges in climate action, speaking with IPCC Working Group II's co-chairs. We also look at ageing infrastructure, such as the 68 year old Roggebot Lock, to see what lessons we can learn from the past. Based on old parts we can garner new knowledge about life expectancy.

This issue also contains articles on:

We'd like to tell you stories about the work we do; we're proud of our accomplishments and want to show what we do around the world. Our knowledge, software, and research facilities contribute to the actionable perspectives. This encourages governments, citizens, and professionals to take action. Happy reading!

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