Every year, more than 108 million people are affected by disasters caused by extreme weather events. Initial attempts to reach disaster areas often fail without this information, delaying the delivery of essential aid to people in need.

Deltares experts Frederique de Groen and Margreet van Marle participated in WFP's Innovation Accelerator Bootcamp, where they pitched their prototype concept last year, based on the Resilience Assessment and Adaptation for Critical InfrastructurE (RA2CE) networking model developed by Deltares. Out of 650 submissions, their pitch was selected for further development.

The RA2CE tool has the potential to become a globally deployable tool with significant impact, especially given the increasing frequency of climate-related disasters. It can also help with long-term planning and preparation by identifying disaster-prone areas and supporting the development of resilient infrastructure.

This collaboration between Deltares and WFP in Nepal highlights the importance of co-creation and involving stakeholders and end-users in the development process. By harnessing knowledge and technology, Deltares can make a substantial contribution to humanitarian relief efforts.

Picture: practicalaction.org

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