Focus on the Future, Fast Forward Now

‘Enabling Delta Life’ is what Deltares stands for as an independent knowledge institute. We apply our high-quality knowledge to facilitate innovative and sustainable solutions to global issues concerning the use and risks of water and the subsurface. You can read how we intend to achieve this in the coming years in our Strategic Agenda 2022-2025.

Focusing on the future comes with the territory of water management and subsoil subsurface. Climate change irrevocably leads to long-term changes. Accelerate the fight against climate change and accelerate the adaptation of our living environment.

Focusing on the future is part of the digital developments that can take us into a revolutionarily different world. And it takes us to new parts of the world where we can and want to contribute with our unique knowledge to a sustainable, safe and healthy life.

This Strategic Agenda is our answer to all the questions that have emerged in discussions with our partners: governments, knowledge institutions and the business community. It is an answer to social societal issues in the field of water and subsoil subsurface. In the Netherlands and anywhere else in the world. We would like to discuss this with you.

Enabling Delta Life.

Would you like to read more about our ambitions? Read our Strategic Agenda 2022-2025.

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