Due to various changes in the safety assessment for piping in recent years, such as taking into account the length-effect, the transition to the flood probability approach, the removal of Bligh's rule, and adjustments in the Sellmeijer model, many more dikes do not meet the requirements. These developments have created a need for more advanced piping calculations.

To be able to assess such complex situations, D-Geo Flow has been developed. D-Geo Flow includes a Finite Element piping analysis, based on the Sellmeijer model, to be able to assess whether piping can occur given a specific water level progression.

D-Geo Flow - Piping
D-Geo Flow - Piping

In D-Geo Flow, it is possible to perform 2D groundwater flow calculations with layered, heterogeneous soil structure.

2D grondwaterstromingsberekeningen met D-Geo Flow

D-Geo Flow includes the following features:

  • Calculation of 2D groundwater flow,
  • The (modified) Sellmeijer rule for predicting the occurrence of piping,
  • Ability to set up complex, multi-layered soil schematizations,
  • Graphical and numerical presentation of groundwater calculation results and pipe development.
geometry D-Geo Flow
materials D-Geo Flow
Results D-Geo flow

How can I get D-Geo Flow?

Version 2023.01 is available via the download portal.

If you have input from the earlier prototype, we will still make it available. You can receive the prototype by sending us an email at: software@deltares.nl.

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