Your tablet, smartphone or PC will function as a terminal. Hence the actual calculations are being performed on high-capacity VMware Horizon servers.

Keystrokes and mouse movements are transferred from your device over the Internet to our server using a secure gateway. You may even print on a local printer or generate PDF files of the output documents.

All files are stored on our servers and may be downloaded to your device at any time. Your user account is invisible and inaccessible to other users.


Access to all popular geotechnical Deltares simulation products:

And also:
  • Automatic availability of software updates
  • No software installation required
  • Pay for actual use
  • World-wide access and 24/7 availability
  • Secure data storage with back-ups
  • Support via Deltares software helpdesk (during office hours)


  • Internet connection + (modern) browser
  • Installation of the VMware Horizon Client is required only for use of local files and printers
  • Windows 11/10 operating system recommended

How to start using Online Software

Online Software is a subscription based service. If you have a subscription, you will get an account that will give you access to the Online Software platform. An account can be used by multiple users in an organization, but not at the same time.

For more information and ordering please contact us via

You can purchase the software with a license, rent it temporarily or get a subscription to use it online via a webbrowser. In this table a comparison is made between the three options.

Comparison geotechnical software options
Comparison geotechnical software options


  • One-time set-up fee: € 126
  • Quarterly subscription costs: € 126
  • Calculation costs: € 19.50 per hour

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