D-Foundations follows the Eurocode 7 and the Dutch national annex. First D-Foundations is used to create and optimize a design. In this process, automatic optimization options assist the user to efficiently create and fine-tune a design. Once the design is finished D-Foundations can perform a design code check resulting in a detailed report for the given situation. The ability to overrule and redefine various design code parameters allows D-Foundations to be used by engineers for specialized calculations using user-defined foundation types and factors. Some specific features in D-Foundations are:

  • Soil data definition
    D-Foundations requires input data from Cone Penetration Tests (CPT). Importing CPT data is possible in several formats, including the Geotechnical Exchange Format (GEF) format. The automatic CPT interpretation tool provides soil-type dependent proposals, including design code-based parameter proposals.
  • Preliminary design of piles
    D-Foundations provides simultaneous results of bearing capacity and required length for different pile types and different soil conditions.
  • Pile group interaction
    In calculations, the effect of pile group interaction on settlement is included as well as on bearing capacity for the selected pile type and pile plan.
  • Design of shallow foundations
    Foundation dimensions can be optimized. In addition, the required width for strip foundations and the capacity and stability of shallow foundations can be checked.
  • Code-based verification
    A complete verification report can be generated in Dutch and English.
  • Standard parameters
    All standard parameters provided by Eurocode 7 (such as soil parameters and pile type parameters) are incorporated within D-Foundations for easy and fast selection.
Bearing capacity versus depth for several pile types and CPT’s
Bearing capacity versus depth for several pile types and CPT’s

How to obtain D-Foundations

Service Packages

This version is available if you have purchased a Service package. You can order a Service package via our Software sales Service team (software@deltares.nl). The software can be downloaded via our Download portal. You don’t need a license file to do this. You can use the software in Demo mode without a license file.

By purchasing a Service package you will receive a license file to unlock full functionality (according to purchased package). Our Software sales Service team will provide you with instructions on how to get the software working with a license file.

D-Foundations is available in the following packages:

Full package

  • Bearing piles(EC7-NL)
  • Shallow Foundations
  • Tension Piles(EC7-NL)

Educational package

The Educational package is the same as the Full package, but available at a reduced price.

Online Software

You can also use our Geotechnical software products via the internet (Software as a Service – SaaS), on subscription basis. For more information, please see Online Geotechnical Software.

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