When the user has added uncertainty to a deterministic model in the Probabilistic Toolkit, he can perform the following analyses:

  • Sensitivity: Investigate the effect of uncertainty per input parameter
  • Model uncertainty: See how model results chage due to uncertain input parameters
  • Calibration: Derive input parameters with uncertainty from measurements of output values
  • Reliability: Compute the probability of undesired events

Using the Probabilistic Toolkit, the user can:

  • Asses existing geotechnical and hydrodynamical constructions
  • Design new geotechnical and hydrodynamical constructions
  • Perform risk-based asset management

Special features

  • Each numeric value in an input file can be used as an uncertain parameter
  • Uncertainty of parameters can be fitted to measurements
  • A chain of calculations can be established by connecting scripts and applications
  • Calculation times can be reduced by response surfaces
  • Probabilities of failure can be combined
  • Conditional probability of failure is supported
  • Intermediate results give the user insight how analyses are performed
The Probabilistic Toolkit is available for download for everyone.

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