The Delft3D FM Suite combines proven technology from the hydrodynamic engines of Delft3D 4 and SOBEK 2 and adds flexible administration. The new, advanced software will allow water managers and modelers to do their work better and faster.

SOBEK functionality in Delft3D FM Suite 1D2D

The Delft3D FM Suite 1D2D will be the aggregated successor of SOBEK-Rural and DUFLOW for irrigation and drainage systems, SOBEK-RE and SOBEK-River for river systems, and SOBEK-Urban for sewerage and urban drainage systems.

Delft3D FM Suite 1D2D is set up within the Delta Shell Framework, providing additional functionality, extensive compatibility and an intuitive user interface. The current performance (simulation time) of the prototypes of Delft3D FM with 1D-2D functionality, is matching the performance of DUFLOW and SOBEK-RE.

SOBEK vs Delft3D FM Suite 1D2D
SOBEK vs Delft3D FM Suite 1D2D

Delft3D FM Beta testing programme

The Delft3D FM Suite 1D2D undergoes continuous development and improvements in functionalities and user requirements. All newly developed functionalities are thoroughly tested by the Deltares developers and by members of our beta testing – research programme before being made available to the general public. Members of the beta testing - research programme are able to utilize all beta functionality of Delft3D FM Suite 1D2D for testing and research purposes only. If you would like to be a part of the beta testing – research programme community, please contact

Availability of SOBEK

SOBEK 2 will be provided to you as part of our SOBEK Service Packages as long as not all functionality of SOBEK 2 is available in the new Delft3D FM Suite 1D2D.

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