• The right of use of the distribution “SOBEK Hydrodynamics-Hydrology & Water Quality”
  • 12 months update and upgrade subscription.
  • 12 months support on Service Level 2 with 48 support hours: initial and ongoing response within 2 business days

The minimum subscription period is one year (€ 16,040.--).

Continuation after the initial year is optional (€ 13,230.--), but recommended.

Please note that you may use the SOBEK 2.16.004 for an indefinite period of time; in other words, forever.

The distribution “SOBEK Hydrodynamics-Hydrology & Water Quality“ contains all modules and pre- and post processing tools for modelling hydrodynamics and water quality.

In more detail:

This distribution is for max. 4 network users.

To order the SOBEK Full Advanced Service Package, please fill in this Customer Information Form and send the information to software@deltares.nl.

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