D-Sheet Piling – Feasibility

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During the design of a sheet pile wall, the stability of the construction is checked according to guidelines like the Eurocode. In practice, this does not guarantee that the project is feasible. This may depend on many other local factors, among which the equipment used during construction. For this purpose, the use of the Feasibility module helps the user to evaluate the project’s feasibility by comparison with experiences.

NVAF lines

The Dutch Society for Foundation Engineering Contractors ( NVAF) has written guidelines to prevent sheet pile driving failure. The Feasibility module supports some NVAF graphs on pile driving failure, using vibrators. These graphs are based on the relation between the sheet pile length and the resisting moment. Depending on the equipment used, several graphs exist that giving the user an indication of the feasibility.

NVAF-lines_570x366_acf_croppedNVAF experience lines