WANDA is a powerful and user-friendly program for the hydraulic design, control and optimization of pipeline systems. Design engineers and operators use WANDA to assess the steady state characteristics of the system and the dynamic and multi-phase (transient) behavior of different media transported through their often complex, pipeline networks.


WANDA can simulate transport of liquids and gasses and has dedicated functionality for heat and multi-species transport (slurry), for ship locks and real time (operational) control of pipeline networks. The software can be linked via open standards to other applications, e.g. for operator training purposes and to operational systems, e.g. for real-time control.

WANDA - Pumping station

WANDA – Pumping station


WANDA has been licensed world-wide to many well-known pipeline operators, design engineers, consultants and universities. WANDA can be applied in a variety of professional areas, such as: oil & gas pipeline systems, drinking water networks, fire fighting and sewage systems, waste water treatment plants, hydropower installations, thermal energy grids and cooling water systems.

WANDA - Process plant piping

WANDA – Process plant piping


WANDA has been developed by Deltares (formerly: WL | Delft Hydraulics) since the 1970’s. It is designed by engineers that use this software product in their own consultancy and research projects. It has been tested and validated extensively in our in-house testing facility.

WANDA - Deltares Alpha Loop (testing facility)

WANDA – Deltares Alpha Loop (testing facility)

How to get WANDA?

The latest fully validated release is WANDA 4.5. This version is available via our License packages or Lease – short term contract. Please order your License package or Lease contract by contacting us via software@deltares.nl. The software can be downloaded via our Download portal. We will give you instructions on how to install the license file and license manager.