Diversity and Inclusion

The Deltares diversity & inclusion vision

Every employee matters. Every employee contributes knowledge, and a unique perspective and personality. Our ambition is for every employee to feel seen and valued, and to have the opportunity to develop and apply their knowledge, talents and skills in a socially safe working environment.

At Deltares, we work on projects that have an impact on society and the environment across the globe. Our ambition is to take social actors and inclusion into consideration on our projects, in research and in our advisory activities. In order to include all different perspectives, our workforce also needs to be diverse in terms of gender, age, experience and background.

Trust and commitment

Change starts at home. We are aware of how important it is for Deltares to be a diverse and inclusive organisation so that we can reflect that diversity and inclusion in the work that we do. Studies have shown that a workplace that respects these values earns stronger trust and committed employees. After all, who would not want to work in an environment where they feel valued and included? That makes us an attractive employer.

Innovation and impact

A diverse and inclusive team is better able to share knowledge and perspectives that further innovative and creative team performance and project results. Being a diverse and inclusive organisation allows us to connect with our partners, clients and stakeholders to contribute more successfully to a sustainable impact on society.

Continuous journey

Being diverse and inclusive requires constant attention and sensitivity in our own organisational culture. Reflection and dialogue are needed about explicit and unspoken values, habits, rules and taboos. We are well on our way and we are positively valued as an employer. But we also acknowledge that there is room for improvement.

“Creating an inclusive organisation is a journey; it is never finished.” Annemieke Nijhof (managing director)

Inclusive behaviour

Diversity reflects a range of human differences and can be expressed numerically in terms of race, nationality, ethnicity, gender, age, religion, different abilities, sexual orientation, education, personality, skill sets and experience. Inclusion refers to the way we embrace those differences. It is about how we support a collaborative, supportive, and respectful work environment that encourages the participation, contributions and sense of belonging of all employees.

The behaviour we encourage to create a more inclusive Deltares is:

  • The establishment of a socially safe working environment;
  • Listening actively and in an open-minded way with no prejudice in order to understand each other;
  • Encouraging everyone to participate, give their opinion and speak up;
  • Valuing, embracing and learning from our differences.

“Inclusion is also about realizing that you respond based on the norms and values you were raised
with.” Toon Segeren (unit manager)

Deltares approach towards a more inclusive culture

“An important step for the establishment of a more inclusive culture is the creation of an increased awareness of the biases that simply everyone has.” Mirjam Buurmeijer (HR manager)

For all of these reasons, Diversity & Inclusion is one of our organisational development priorities in the Strategic Agenda ’22-‘25. To boost the focus on Diversity & Inclusion at Deltares, we formed a change team to elaborate the concepts of inclusion and diversity at Deltares and to engage in concrete action. The focus areas are:

Gender equality is an important element of the broader theme of Diversity and Inclusion, and in the ambition of Deltares to strengthen our inclusive culture. The Deltares ambitions for gender equality are formulated in this Gender Equality Plan which you can view in the sidebar of this page.