About Jan Talsma

Jan Talsma has a broad knowledge which connects operational water management and control with modelling and analysis of hydrological processes. His position within Deltares is bridging the Hydrology and the Operational Water Management department reinforcing the strong collaboration between the two sections.

Within Deltares, he has participated in projects involving the use of RTC techniques and MPC, both working on the modelling and the control side of the subject. Dam operation and management of inundation basins have been the main playgrounds for his skills. Delft-FEWS, the Flood Early Warning System for Deltares, has been throughout most of his projects not only a tool but often the final product of his work. In combination with RTC-Tools it has been used to design and implement DSS for water systems based on MPC technique.

Other field of expertise under development are: 1D/2D inundation modelling, urban and rainfall-runoff modelling in SOBEK 2 and model coupling via OpenMI. He has solid programming experience in Matlab, and basic skills in VBA, C++, Python, HTML. Fast learner and enthusiastic attitude, Jan enjoys working in a team, especially if multidisciplinary.

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