Coastal Developments

Deltares assists project developers, investors and contractors with the design, construction and maintenance of coastal infrastructure. Examples are artificial islands, ports, entrance channels, beaches, and intake and outfall systems for power stations and desalination plants. Drawing on knowledge, research and consultancy from several disciplines, we improve the results throughout the process, from idea to implementation. That means that we not only look at the quality of the coastal infrastructure itself but also at the impact on its environment, for example in terms of safety, natural habitats and economic functions. It is important to map out these consequences and to respond adequately. Deltares can provide answers to questions on how to design, construct and maintain high-quality and cost-efficient coastal infrastructure accounting for long term consequences.

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Integral design tools for quick insights

Each decision, starting from the preliminary stages of a project, has consequences for the ultimate effectiveness of the design, construction and maintenance of the coastal infrastructure and the impact on its environment. Integral design tools provide insights in the impacts of these decisions. An example is the Harbour Design Tool prototype. It can be used for a rapid evaluation of harbour designs in terms of navigability, sedimentation and coastline development. Obtaining this information at an early stage is crucial in terms of making the right decisions to safeguard a high-quality and cost-efficient project. The tools can also be used to support communication with stakeholders.

Risk mapping

By definition, models include uncertainty.Moreover, natural conditions can be highly variable. We help to map out these risks by quantifying uncertainties. In that way, our clients can take well-founded decisions about design, construction and maintenance, for example with a view to the long-term return on investment

Smart solutions for ‘Building with Nature’

New and existing coastal infrastructure can be used to improve its environment, for example by combining coastal protection with room for nature and leisure facilities. Deltares has the expertise and skills required to deliver tailored approaches for ‘Building with Nature’ solutions of this kind. This allows clients to use their projects to enhance multiple user functions and, where appropriate, create broader support for their work.


  • Land reclamation and artificial islands
  • Construction and sedimentation of ports and entrance channels
  • Design and protection of beaches (natural and artificial)
  • Impact studies for hard and soft coastal interventions
  • Optimisation of dredging work and environmental impact
  • Recirculation and sedimentation of intake and outfall systems