From land parcel to sea

The ‘From land parcel to sea’ programme focuses on improving our understanding of how aquatic ecosystems function. This programme covers the entire spectrum of groundwater, through small surface waters to the sea. Deltares has selected four research lines:

  1. the description and forecasting of aquatic systems with considerable flexibility in space and time;
  2. the quantification of processes (degradation, redox chemistry, erosion, etc. ) located at compartment boundaries (such as groundwater/surface water, fresh/salt);
  3. cumulative ecological and anthropological effects involving multiple stresses on the aquatic ecosystem;
  4. new ecological phenomena that affect the functioning of the ecosystem, such as excessive aquatic-plant growth or the role of exotic species such as Quagga mussels or jellyfish.

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Better assessment of water quality and ecology

This programme contributes to an improvement in the assessment of water quality and ecology, providing a sound basis for decisions about whether current status is adequate or whether improvements are required. Forecasting the impact of interventions also requires a knowledge and understanding of the system where the intervention is located.

Resilience of system important

In addition to the appraisal of current status, it is also important to make a reliable assessment of system resilience. This results in a picture of the extent to which the impact of new human activities affects the system. Here, it is important at all times to assess all the different loads in conjunction.