As a manufacturer of consumer goods, Kimberly-Clark needs supplies of industrial water. At a number of their mills, water supplies in the relevant river basin are increasingly under pressure. Other multinationals find themselves in the same situation. Given their water requirements for production purposes, as well as their social responsibility, Kimberly-Clark needs an action perspective for times of water scarcity. The company approached Deltares in 2017 with the aim of working together on mapping out the challenges relating to water scarcity in various regions.

The result was an open platform, WaterLOUPE . It tracks data relating to social, economic and climate factors that affect the availability of fresh water in river basins, and it displays the information on a visual, user-friendly dashboard. The platform has been used in recent years in catchment areas housing large cities such as Cali (Colombia), Sao Paulo (Brazil) and Cape Town (South Africa). Similar assessments are now also taking place in Israel, Bahrain, Peru (Lima) and India (Chennai).

Both Kimberly-Clark and Deltares are calling on other multinationals to participate in the further development of WaterLOUPE.

WaterLOUPE 2.0. has been launched today

The launch of version 2.0 today makes it possible to conduct joint evaluations of the physical, environmental, economic, social and political suitability of a range of measures with users. The knowledge base underlying the dashboard allows the selection of the best strategy for reducing risks associated with water scarcity. WaterLOUPE 2.0 shows the level of risk reduction for each sector and user group and vulnerability characteristics (including the value of water).

Webinar for outreach

Naturally, the developers of WaterLOUPE are hoping that this version will be applied in new ways. They will be organising a webinar to explain the new functionalities and to develop them even further with input from the field. Water scarcity in river basins can be mitigated if we work together locally with all stakeholders and draw on the available expertise.

Please contact us at if you wish to receive an invitation to the webinar.

Our partner

Kimberly-Clark is a manufacturer of personal care products. They require considerable amounts of production water for their essential consumer goods. Given their corporate social responsibility, Kimberly-Clark is striving to manage water resources sustainably in the catchments where they are based and to raise the awareness of water availability in and around their mills.

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