The Delft3D Hydro-Morphodynamics Basic Service Package includes:

  • The right of use of the distribution “Delft3D Hydro-Morphodynamics” with both:
    • setup Delft3D FM Suite 2023 2D3D (HM),
    • setup Delft3D 4.05 Suite.
  • 12 months update and upgrade subscription.
  • 12 months support on Service Level 1 with 8 support hours.

The minimum subscription period is one year (€ 4,010.–).
Continuation after the initial year is optional (€ 3,475.–), but recommended.

Please note that you may use the Delft3D 4.05 and the Delft3D FM Suite 2023 for an indefinite period of time; in other words, forever.

The distribution “Delft3D Hydro-Morphodynamics“ contains all modules and pre- and post processing tools for modelling hydrodynamics, morphology and waves.

In more detail

Delft3D FM Suite 2023 2D3D

Unstructured meshes, irregular grids, triangles, quads, pentagons, hexagons

Pre- and post-processing tools (Delta Shell Framework)

Delft3D 4 Suite

Structured/regular grids

  • Delft3D-FLOW (2D,3D)
  • Delft3D-WAVE
  • Delft3D-MOR

Pre- and post-processing tools:

  • Matlab Interface
  • GPP
  • TIDE

*Please note that the 3D part of the modules are available under our prerelease software licensing conditions and within our beta testing – research programme only. For our beta testing – research programme, please contact

This distribution is unlimited in the number of users.

To order the Delft3D Hydro-Morphodynamics Basic Service Package, please fill in this Customer Information Form and send the information to

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