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  • Geo-engineering and water defences 
  • Hydrodynamics and morphology
  • Water quality and ecology
  • Hydrology
  • Water quality and ecology research software and prototypes
  • Operational systems 
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  1. D-Geo Pipeline - Horizontal Directional Drilling

    D-Geo Pipeline enables the fast design of a pipeline configuration, installed using the Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) technique.
  2. D-Geo Pipeline - Micro Tunnelling

    Micro tunnelling is the technique which uses a tunnelling machine to remove the soil. Micro tunnelling usually starts horizontal at a certain level below the surface.
  3. D-Geo Pipeline - Trench

    The majority of the underground pipelines are installed in a trench. After excavation of the trench, the pipeline is installed at the bottom of the trench and subsequently covered by the excavated soil. The interaction between the pipe and the condition of the soil material, which is placed back in the trench plays an important role in the…
  4. D-Geo Pipeline demo and screenshots

    View screenshots of our D-Geo Pipeline software.
  5. D-Geo pipeline modules

    The D-Geo pipeline software has several modules.
  6. D-Hydrology

    This module contains a library of (1) lumped hydrological models from polder sub-catchment scale up to river catchment scale, such as HBV and SCS and (2) the fully distributed hydrological model: wflow.
  7. D-Morphology

    The D-Morphology module, as the successor of Delft3D-MOR and SOBEK-MOR, computes sediment transport (both suspended and bed total load) and morphological changes for an arbitrary number of cohesive and non-cohesive fractions.
  8. D-Particle Tracking

    The D-Particle Tracking module, as the successor of the short-term, near-field water quality module called Delft3D-PART, estimates the dynamic, spatial (on a sub-grid scale) concentration distribution of individual particles by following their tracks in time.
  9. D-Real Time Control

    Real time control often saves money in the construction, alteration and management of the water system infrastructure. The D-Real Time Control module shows to what extent the existing infrastructure can be used in a better way. It allows you to simulate complex real-time control of all hydraulic structures in reservoirs and estuarine, river and…
  10. D-Settlement

    D-Settlement, previously known as MSettle, supplies all necessary means for embankment design and soil settlement prediction.
  11. D-Settlement - 1D Geometry

    The 1D module supports fast input and settlement predictions for uniformly loaded soil columns and is convenient and quick to use. It allows input of straightforward projects and provides tabulated and graphical output of results both on-screen and in a report. Some specific features include:
  12. D-Settlement - 2D Geometry

    The basic 1D module supports quick input and settlement prediction for uniformly loaded soil columns. The 2D module supports settlement by different loading types along verticals in full 2D geometries.
  13. D-Settlement - Darcy

    The accurate Darcy module is available for improved consolidation and submerging modelling.
  14. D-Settlement - Demo/images

    On this page you can view screenshots and examples of the D-Settlement software.
  15. D-Settlement - FAQ and Known Issues

    Find all of the known issues and frequently askes questions concerning D-Settlement on this page.