D-Geo Pipeline – Direct Pipe

The Direct Pipe module of D-Geo Pipeline supports the use of the Direct Pipe method with the installation of pipelines.

Pipe thruster and MTBM of pipe installation using Direct Pipe method (source: Herrenknecht AG)

Direct Pipe is a pipeline installation method that combines horizontal directional drilling and micro tunnelling techniques to allow pipeline installation in one run. From the launch pit, the pipe will be clamped and pushed by a pipe thruster. A micro tunneling boring machine (MTBM) is mounted in front of the pipe head to drill the soil and can be steered to follow the designated drilling geometry. With the Direct Pipe method the borehole can be drilled while at the same time the pipeline is installed.

Pipe being clamped by the pipe thruster (source: PPI Chrobok SA)


Calculation of support pressure and thrust force with the Direct Pipe module

The Direct Pipe module in D-Geo Pipeline features the calculation of support pressure and thrust force of the pipe thruster. The effect of buckling on the pipe and installation in segments are taken into account with the thrust force calculation. The additional stress on the pipe wall due to buckling is calculated with the pipe stress analysis.

Screen output – examples

Face support pressure calculation


Thrust forces calculation


The Direct Pipe module is available as part of the D-Geo Pipeline Full package.
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