Freshwater Scarcity

At the global level, there is uncertainty about demand for water and about water supplies.


Deltares is developing ‘state-of-the-art’ models for specific areas on the basis of recent data, but we also have the expertise required for social cost-benefit analyses and for describing options for the long term. For example, we advise energy companies, government authorities and farmers about how to approach their water requirements, and the feasibility of plans. We provide them with descriptions of the optimal approach(es).



Government authorities, industry, agriculture, energy producers, insurers and companies need a clear picture of current and future freshwater supplies, both above and below the surface. The sharing of water in and between countries will become an increasingly urgent issue, particularly where water is, or will be, in short supply. Governments face major decisions about sharing the available water so that industry, agriculture and energy generation are not pressured. Considerable investments are needed, as is specialist knowledge, to address this water challenge.