Marc Bierkens

Stochastic hydrology and geohydrology

+31(0)88 335 7787

Research experience in stochastic hydrology, land surface hydrology, geohydrology, soil physics, ecohydrology, natural resources inventory, water management and geostatistics
Experience in consulting water managers, soil scientists, hydrologists and geographers on issues of hydrology, geostatistics, uncertainty analysis, upscaling and downscaling
Experience in acquisition and management of research projects and consultancy projects
Experience in management of research teams.
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Working experience

2002-present TNO institute of Applied Geosciences Senior Hydrologist
1994-2002 Wageningen University and Research Centre Senior Researcher, Alterra
1990-1994 Utrecht University, Department of Physical Geography Research Assistant
1989 TNO Institute of Applied Geoscience Internship
1988-1989 University of California at Davis, Department of Land, Air and Water Resources Research Assistent