Marc Hijma

Expert on Sedimentary and applied geology

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Dr. Marc Hijma is an expert in the field of sea-level changes, sedimentary geology, delta evolution, and applied geology. He received his Ph.D.-degree in 2009 for a study on the long-term evolution of the Rhine-Meuse delta in relation to rapid sea-level change. Before he joined Deltares, he conducted post-doctoral research for three years working on the changes in the North Sea basin during the last 1 million years as well as the geology of the Mississippi Delta. His main areas of expertise and work fields are:
o          Sea-level changes: past, present and future
o          Long-term evolution of delta and coastal systems
o          Shallow subsurface of The Netherlands
o          Mississippi Delta geology
o          Morphodynamics of the seafloor: processes and advising on dredging strategies and wind-farm construction
o          Geological advise during infrastructural works
o          Offshore archaeological expectancy maps
o          Stochastic schematization of the subsurface below levees


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Working experience

2012 – present Deltares Researcher/Consultant
2010 – 2012 Tulane University (New Orleans, USA) Post-doc
2010 – 2012 Leiden University Post-doc (For Spinoza winner Wil Roebroeks)
2005-2009 Utrecht University Ph.D. Physical Geography
2004-2005 BAAC BV Geological consultant
2002-2003 Utrecht University/Rijkswaterstaat Junior Researcher