Impact of climate change

In large parts of the world, climate change has a negative effect on the consequences of infrastructure failure. Roads and the objects in and around the road, such as bridges and tunnels, are vulnerable to extreme weather conditions, such as heat waves, floods, and extreme precipitation. Hazards such as earthquakes and landslides also pose a threat.

Due to increasing use and aging, the Dutch critical infrastructure requires continuous attention to maintain its resilience. In addition, climate change has a significant impact on the accessibility and safety of our road network and civil structures (such as bridges, viaducts, and tunnels). The Netherlands must invest heavily in infrastructure in the coming decades and make strategic choices to be well-prepared for the future. This can contribute to a safer, more sustainable, more mobile, and economically stronger society.

Deltares offers knowledge and solutions

Deltares provides research and applications for these issues, taking important insights from Deltares' many scientific studies and research on infrastructure.

  • Vulnerability analysis of the road network: Deltares provides a modeling toolset to analyze the vulnerability of the road network at a national level and quickly identify which sections of road are vulnerable in the current and future climate.
  • Modeling of road networks worldwide: Deltares maps the resilience of road networks and uses this knowledge to support policy choices and contribute to better resilience after a disaster.
  • Monitoring road performance: Deltares uses sensors and models to monitor the state of the road in real-time and quickly address issues such as cracks and subsidence.

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