Georisk management

Problems with structures that emerge during the construction process can lead to major time losses and additional costs. That can be prevented by mapping out in advance the risks and uncertainties associated with the subsurface. This may involve, for example:

  • a thorough analysis of the subsurface;
  • studying subsidence and deformation;
  • monitoring the quality of D-walls or piles made in the ground.

Deltares is active in a range of areas, such as improvements to subsurface models, and the prediction and measurement of the behaviour of the structures and subsurface. We also advise about sound communications about the risks with stakeholders.

Geo-Impuls website

At Geo-Impuls, knowledge-sharing is central. With experience from best practices, it is possible to deploy tools and techniques more effectively than in the past. Existing models have also been improved on the basis of Geo-Impuls research.

On the Geo-Impuls website the information is presented clearly for selection on the basis of the project phase, the specific role (from client to contractor) and the subject. In 2015, the results of long-term studies of areas such as subsidence and the application of the observational method will be added to the toolbox.

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