Coastal impact assessments

Coastal areas are the most densely populated areas in the world. To guarantee all required functions of this area, coastal infrastructure is being developed. All developments at the coast have an impact on the coastal area and for a sustainable development of the coast, integral understanding and quantification of these impacts are vital.

In our coastal impact assessments, we assess the impacts of the construction and operation of coastal developments on its surroundings. This includes effects of the developments on flow and flushing, dispersion and recirculation of thermal and brine plumes from power and desalination plants and dredge plume dispersion from construction or maintenance activities.

We have a strong capability to provide integral rapid assessments in early phases of the project to identify possible impacts, design optimisations and also sustainable opportunities for the development.

We provide:

  • Early design optimisation by interactive design workshops and rapid assessments
  • Detailed confirmation and quantification of project impacts and feasibility by specialist advice studies
  • Independent use and transparency in our results by interactive model results and data viewers
  • Build your in-house capabilities and ability to do your own assessments by our customised training, tools and knowledge transfer.

We use and develop:

  • in-house developed state-of-the-art numerical modelling software to address a wide variety of impacts.
  • advanced model couplings to be able to make assessments on many different scales (local to regional, short and long-term impacts)
  • integral assessments for different aspects of the development (flow, water quality, morphology, ecology, economy and governance).

We are continuously working to strengthen our expertise as an innovating and leading, specialist consultant and knowledge provider. We share our knowledge with our open source numerical modelling software such as Delft3D and XBeach. Our R&D program for Coastal impact assessments continuously develops these knowledge areas and products together with the top experts and institutes in the world.