Smart Delta Governance

The structuring and governance of delta areas is one of the most complex issues of our time. As a result of the interaction between land and water, and the intensive use of deltas, the interdependency between use functions and the large scale of these processes, delta governance is not only complex but also knowledge-intensive.

Governance discussion concerning Colombian watermanagement

Complex issues from governance and economic perspective

Delta issues are multi-sector, multi-level (space and time) and multi-stakeholder. Taking this as a starting point, delta governance at Deltares focuses on developing knowledge and translating it into action from the governance and economic perspectives. The concepts, methods and instruments – such as asset management – that we develop also draw on the technical and system knowledge available at Deltares. Our work is therefore based on the knowledge supplied by our multi-disciplinary specialists and networks.

Government authorities, research institutes and private parties

We provide government authorities, research institutes and private parties with solutions that are appropriate for their governance setting. For example, we were involved as part of the Delta Programme in the drafting of a Guideline for Adaptive Concepts for the coast: we organised master classes in the field of governance relating to the implementation of adapted measures. The guideline provides concrete steps for tackling protection and spatial development together so that they do not get in each other’s way in the future.

Sharing and extending knowledge

We share and extend our knowledge about delta governance in collaboration with a range of Dutch institutions and universities that include Erasmus University, Radboud University and the universities of Twente, Wageningen and Amsterdam. But we also work with organisations such as Unesco IHE and EcoShape. In that way, we always have the latest knowledge in a variety of sectors.