About Deltares in Indonesia

The new office demonstrates our commitment to building and strengthening partnerships across both Indonesia and the wider South-East Asian region.

We are dedicated to cooperation, innovative, and valuing local knowledge so that we can help solve Indonesia's water problems. We know and understand the importance of adaptation, and are excited to learn from each other and use new methods.

Nishchal Sardjoe and Henni Hendarti, Deltares Indonesia Country Coordinators

Addressing urgent water challenges

Indonesia faces a range of water-related challenges, ranging from perennial threats of flooding and coastal erosion to the critical issues of groundwater management and climate adaptation. With decades of experience and a proven track record in the region, Deltares is well-equipped to tackle these challenges. Our partnerships in Indonesia demonstrate our shared commitment to finding innovative solutions.

Official opening of the Deltares Indonesia offices

A rich history of collaboration

Indonesia’s unique geographic and climactic conditions make the country vulnerable to flooding, coastal erosion, and groundwater issues. For decades, Deltares has worked to tackle these issues, developing strong partnerships with Indonesian government agencies, research institutes, and non-governmental organisations.

This has resulted in a rich history of joint projects and initiatives aimed at enhancing flood risk management, coastal protection, groundwater sustainability, and climate change adaptation. Deltares’ involvement has played a pivotal role in the development of resilient infrastructure, the improvement of water management practices, and the enhancement of capacities among Indonesian professionals and researchers.

Deltares has been actively involved in diverse projects across Indonesia, contributing to the nation’s sustainable development. Some notable projects include: Peat mapping, Impact assessments for pulp and oil palm plantations in the Kampar Peninsula peatlands, Delft-FEWS linked to Twitter (Jakarta), and Monitoring crop yield anomalies, the Joint Cooperation Programme, the National Capital Integrated Coastal Development Project (NCICD), the Urban Flood Resilience project in Bima, Manado and Pontianak, Building with Nature Demak, and Water as Leverage Semarang.

A Global Vision for Sustainable Water Management

Deltares’ work in Indonesia is deeply rooted in our overarching mission of enabling delta life, and promoting sustainable water, soil, and environmental management on a global scale. Our commitment to Indonesia serves as a testament to our dedication to improving the lives of communities worldwide, building resilience in the face of evolving environmental conditions, and advancing a sustainable future for all.

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