LAC: Integrated Water Resources Management: towards a water secure future

  • Tool for Integrated Water Management – HERMANA (Colombia)
    This pilot developed a real-time web-based water information tool to support integrated water management. It displays weather and water data, generates user-defined overviews, forecasts, and warnings tailored to the needs of water authorities and their stakeholders.
    Contact persons: Carlos Velez Quintero and Marta Faneca
  • Integrated management and efficient use of water resources in the Coquimbo region (Chile)
    In this project a method for Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) was developed, and the feasibility of applying this method to the Elqui River Basin (ERB) was assessed. An analysis was conducted in order to understand the local natural water and subsurface systems in combination with water treatment technologies and best practices, involving stakeholders from various fields (including government).
    Contact person: Hans van Duijne
  • Development of the Paraná Delta (Argentina)
    In this project the current state of the Paraná River Delta was characterized and its development possibilities were evaluated, based on the experience of local groups and the holistic vision of Dutch specialists.
    Contact persons: William Oliemans and Patricia Trambauer

Contact persons for the topic: Marta Faneca and William Oliemans