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  • Geo-engineering and water defences 
  • Hydrodynamics and morphology
  • Hydrology
  • Water quality and ecology
  • Operational systems 
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  1. D-Foundations

    In the 1930s, Deltares started the development of the Cone Penetration Test (CPT) to measure cone resistance, as well as skin friction along the friction sleeve near the cone. These properties are ideal for the design of piled foundations and It is impossible to imagine soil investigations in soft soil countries without the “Dutch Cone” test.…
  2. D-Geo Flow

    Piping is a failure mechanism for dikes and dams where, under the influence of groundwater flow, sand is displaced from granular layers in such a way that a hollow space (the 'pipe') is created that can progressively develop in the opposite direction of the groundwater flow. If the pipe is given enough time to further develop, it can grow…
  3. D-Geo Pipeline

    Pipelines are an important part of the underground infrastructure. They are the lifelines of our modern society. The successful operation of a pipeline system on the long term, however, is largely determined by the quality of the engineering works prior to the installation of the pipeline.
  4. D-Settlement

    D-Settlement, previously known as MSettle, supplies all necessary means for embankment design and soil settlement prediction.
  5. D-Sheet Piling

    In The Netherlands, an extensive design procedure for sheet pile walls has been developed. Besides the partial safety factor concept of the Eurocode 7, the Dutch National Annex offers a clear step-by-step design process, checking against failure, verifying stability and allowing optimization of the design. Since its initial development in the…
  6. D-Stability

    D-Stability is Deltares' software product for macro stability: the soft soil engineering software for the analysis of slip planes. Deltares offers D-Stability to the geotechnical community enabling the stability assessment of soft soil slopes and embankments.
  7. DAM (Dike strength Analysis Module)

    With increasing economical investments in flood prone areas, flood risk management is a hot topic in many deltas and lowlying areas around the world. With ever changing climate, public acceptance of risk, changes to the built environment or to the levees themselves, dike and levee managers face the challenge of continuously evaluating their…
  8. Delft-FEWS Platform

    Protecting people means making the right decisions, at the right time, and with the right information. About droughts, floods, reservoirs and water quality for example. And in the world of water, doing your job means knowing what the future will bring. Delft-FEWS is the state-of-the-art Flood forecasting and Early Warning System that helps you…
  9. Delft3D 4 Suite

    Wind, waves and currents shape our coasts. Climate change and rising sea levels add further to this pressure. To enable us to live safely along our shores, we need effective coastal and marine management. Moreover, these coastal processes do not present the only threat. We must also protect ourselves against excess river water, while on the other…
  10. Delft3D FM Suite 2D3D

    The Delft3D Flexible Mesh Suite (Delft3D FM) is the successor of the Delft3D 4 Suite. Like Delft3D 4, the Delft3D FM Suite can simulate storm surges, hurricanes, tsunamis, detailed flows and water levels, waves, sediment transport and morphology, water quality and ecology, and is capable of handling the interactions between these processes.
  11. MAMPEC

    MAMPEC is a Marine antifoulant model to predict environmental concentrations. Originally developed to predict environmental concentrations (PECs) for the exposure assessment of antifoulants in harbours, rivers, estuaries and open water. MAMPEC is also being used for exposure assessment in freshwater systems and discharges of chemicals in ballast…
  12. Online Geotechnical Software

    All popular geotechnical Deltares simulation products are available over the internet via our Online Software service (Software as a Service (SaaS)). An internet connection and subscription is sufficient for worldwide access. Billing is according to the actual use and subscription costs per quarter.
  13. PHAROS

    PHAROS is the simulation product for wave agitation and harbour resonance. Within Deltares the PHAROS wave model is used to compute wave agitation and resonance in harbours. The model has been applied in a wide variety of research and engineering projects all over the world. Construction measures, like extensions of breakwaters or adjustments to…
  14. Probabilistic Toolkit (PTK)

    The Probabilistic Toolkit analyses the effects of uncertainty to any model. These models range from python scripts to geotechnical en hydrodynamical Deltares applications and non-Deltares applications.
  15. RIBASIM - River Basin Planning and Management

    An integrated approach to the water system and its surroundings is the basis for long-term, sustainable management of environment. Multi sector planning to allocate scarce resources at the river basin level is increasingly needed in the water sector, as water users and governmental agencies become more aware of the trade-offs occurring between…