Digital twins for pipeline systems – focus on MENA region

Digital twins are used more often in the digital world. Also, in the field of operation of pipeline systems they can be a very useful asset. Digital twin can be used to monitor performance of a pipeline system and plan maintenance better. Another application is the training of operators.

During the webinar we will discuss the advantages of using a digital twin in the operation of pipeline systems. This will be followed by a demonstration of the digital twin system WANDA-FEWS, which is developed by Deltares. WANDA is the hydraulics of pipeline simulation tool and Delft-FEWS is the data integration platform both developed by Deltares and used world-wide. Combining these two, results in a high-quality performance monitoring platform.

Related subthemes:

  • Pipelines
  • pumping stations
  • performance monitoring
  • digital twins

Your speakers will be Sam van der Zwan and Mina Ibrahim from Exergia Engineering

Mr Sam van der Zwan has been working at Deltares for more than 12 year in the field pipeline hydraulics. He has been working on several hydraulic studies for the a.o. the Shuwiehat phase 2 system and the extension of Taweelah to Ajban system in the UAE. He is also part of the technical organization committee of the pressure surge conference and one of the main developers of WANDA the hydraulic pipeline simulation tool.

Mr Mina Ibrahim is the founder of Exergia FZ LLE in the United Arab Emirates. A senior hydraulic engineer specialized in Hydraulic transient 1D CFD based modelling analysis, and has been covering designing, evaluation, troubleshooting, risk assessment of pressure surge (water hammer) in pump stations and its related pipelines in GCC and Asia. He is currently working as Hydraulic Surge Protection Lead Engineer with Stantec Dubai for FEWA strategic water projects in the Northern Emirates


The recording of this webinar is available via this link

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