Supporting Sustainable development of the Gulf with the Gulf Community Model – focus on MENA

A presentation of the Gulf Community Model, an hydrodynamic numerical Delft3D model of the Gulf, available to governments, researchers and other interested users to study the marine environment of the Gulf. The model is based on the in-house Gulf models available in Deltares, which have been used and developed in many studies over the past decades.

In this introductory webinar, we will present different possible applications of the community model to study relevant societal topics and as an opportunity for effective collaboration in the region. Such topics include Climate Change Adaptation, Sustainable coastal development and planning, Integrated Coastal Zone Management and Future Desalination and Water Strategies. By combining this Community model, available as a basis, and local knowledge from partners around the region, collaborative research on important topics for the region is made possible. This webinar also invites attendees from local governments and research institutes to join in research collaboration.

Related subthemes:

  • governance
  • modeling
  • coastal zones
  • climate change
  • marine environment
  • desalination strategy
  • integrated coastal zone management
  • sustainability

Your speaker is Robin Morelissen, expert advisor Coastal Hydrodynamics and Outfalls

Robin Morelissen has almost 20 years experience in multi-scale numerical modelling of coastal hydrodynamics, dredge plumes and outfalls and is working at Deltares, The Netherlands. His research focuses on the coupling of near field and far field models used in recirculation studies for (seawater) intakes and outfalls and dredge plume studies and on advanced modelling techniques used in engineering practice.  Mr Morelissen had a key role as a project manager in (multi-disciplinary) projects concerning studies for new reclamations, flushing studies, dredging (sediment dispersion) impact studies and recirculation studies. Within Deltares, Mr Morelissen also works on new business development and innovation focusing on collaborative innovation. Furthermore, Mr Morelissen is Deltares’ regional coordinator for the Middle East and Past-Chair of the IAHR/IWA Marine Outfall Committee.

Recording of the webinar

The webinar has been recorded and you can view it here.

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