WaterLOUPE: water scarcity dashboard

On World Water Day 2018, Kimberly-Clark Corporation (KCC) and research organization Deltares launched WaterLOUPE, a cutting-edge new tool to support water stakeholders in assessing water scarcity risks in order to generate actionable insights to adapt and/or mitigate local water risks.

WaterLOUPE is a user-friendly, dashboard that provides information on water scarcity risks now and in the future of your river basin. It combines data on hydrology, exposure and vulnerability at the local level. WaterLOUPE runs the risk assessment at actor-group level, instead of only at sector level. For example, it specifies between the impacts of water scarcity for self-subsistence farmers versus large farms. The distinction in impacts at actor level are key in establishing good and sustainable water stewardship in the catchment area.

On 31 May 2018, Deltares and KCC were hosting the webinar “WaterLOUPE: water scarcity dashboard”.

The webinar session presenters are:

  • Vetrivel Dhagumudi (Kimberly-Clark, USA)
  • Sophie Vermooten (Deltares, The Netherlands)
  • Dimmie Hendriks (Deltares, The Netherlands)