Webinar “Financing a paradigm shift in development models”

Climate impacts challenge our status quo. Covid19 is a stark reminder that a shift in our economic development paradigm is urgent. Three revolutions are urgent: a revolution in understanding, a revolution in planning and a revolution in finance. Which partnerships could trigger the required systemic change and finance the transition?

Water as connecting stream between sectors water holds a great risk and a great opportunity. Water can be used as leverage for impactful and catalytic change and if adequately managed become a powerful motor to achieve development and resilience. We will identify the required partnerships to accelerate this shift an enable a revolution in investment planning across sectors that makes each drop count.

Starting with a presentation from the Netherlands, IADB and ADB of their strategies and role in making the transition possible; we then engage in a moderated dialogue reflecting on the view from the frontlines.

Country and local bank representatives will share through this conversation the challenges and practical dilemmas they face. The conversation between all key actors in the development and adaptation space – MDB’s, donors, local banks, climate funds and public officials – continue to identify how local and global actors could best cooperate to achieve a transformation in project origination and enable the development of strategic investment pathways that maximize impact and private sector participation in the long term? Which niche each of them is best positioned to play and which coordination mechanisms are required to enable the development of a transformational pipeline of projects?

More information can be found at: https://www.worldwaterweek.org/event/9115-financing-a-paradigm-shift-in-development-models.

Video Available Online

The complete recorded webinar is now available online.