Erik Mosselman

River engineering, morphology and fluvial morphodynamics

+31(0)88 335 8569

Dr. Erik Mosselman is an expert in river engineering and fluvial morphodynamics and hydrodynamics.He worked on the Rhine, the Meuse, the Brahmaputra, the Ganges, Indus tributaries, the Amazon, the Rhône, the Loire and numerous other rivers. He developed and applied his knowledge in projects of bank protection, river training, safety against flooding, navigability improvement and ecological river restoration, as well as in academic research. Key topics in his research are river-bank erosion, bars, meandering, braiding, bifurcations and avulsions. He has a keen interest in nature-based engineering for river restoration and adaptive river training. A distinct area of Erik Mosselman’s expertise regards flood risk management. He participated in teams to review flood disaster events and flood risk management policies. He has been the leader of large research projects on flood risk management (Delft Cluster, FLOODsite). He is regularly invited abroad to present the Dutch approaches to safety against flooding and he has written divulgative publications on this topic for non-expert stakeholders.

As a research co-ordinator, he establishes links and promotes collaboration. From 2005 to 2009, he was responsible for the discipline of fluvial, coastal and estuarine morphology across departments at Delft Hydraulics and Deltares. He chairs the Morphological Triangle for research collaboration between Rijkswaterstaat, Unesco-IHE, Deltares and the universities of Delft, Twente, Utrecht and Wageningen.

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Working experience

2008 - Present Deltares Specialist / Expert adviser / Deputy department head.
2001 - Present Delft University of Technology Assistant professor / Researcher / Lecturer.
1991 - 2007 WL | Delft Hydraulics (Senior) Adviser-researcher.
1987 - 1991 Delft University of Technology Research assistant.
1985 - 2006 Ministry of Defence Captain (conscript).
1985 Delft University of Technology Research assistant.
1982-1984 Deltadienst of Rijkswaterstaat Free-lance employee (sea wave research)