Advanced water hammer software, designed for engineers by engineers.

Mainly used for:

  • Pump & Line sizing
  • Flow distribution
  • Pressure surge analysis
  • Surge vessel design & sizing
  • Operational control
  • Heat transfer analysis

Special features:

  • Pump & System characteristic visualization
  • Cavitation implosion
  • Operational control systems
  • Free surface flow
  • Multi-species flow
  • Heat transfer
  • Coupling to SCADA systems

Application areas:

  • Drinking water networks
  • Fire fighting systems
  • Sewage systems
  • Waste water treatment plants
  • Hydropower installations
  • Chemical transport systems
  • Thermal energy grids
  • Cooling water systems

Our clients choose WANDA because:

  • It’s user friendly
  • It simulates controls and hydraulics simultaneously
  • We apply as well as develop it
  • We validate it with measurements
  • Our support is based on years of experience




“We believe that a thorough understanding of the hydrodynamic behaviour in a pipeline system is essential to guarantee a low cost, safe and reliable system.

With WANDA we assist our clients throughout the complete lifecycle of their pipeline system, from the first schematic diagrams to the performance evaluation after decades of service. To this day, we keep improving WANDA on intelligent components and user-friendliness, to allow us and our fellow users to carry out any hydraulic analysis intuitively and efficiently.”

Dr. Ir. Ivo Pothof
Expert in industrial hydrodynamics, Deltares