Knowledge transfer to SMEs

Deltares interacts with a large number of Dutch SMEs. Those contacts involve transferring knowledge to SMEs, acquiring knowledge from SMEs or working together on applied knowledge development. Every year, approximately 350 SMEs call on Deltares for their projects. These are usually small specific assignments with a total volume of around EUR 2 million. And this is two-way traffic: Deltares calls on approximately 350 Dutch SMEs to execute its own projects. In addition to this project-related collaboration, there are also innovation projects that are executed without invoicing.

Part of the Deltares mission as an applied research institute is to make developed knowledge applicable and accessible. Knowledge transfer takes many forms, both in the Netherlands and other countries. The most effective form remains projects with public and private parties, for example in joint industry projects (JIPs) and TKI/PPS projects, and through reports and products. A lot of software and applications are also developed in projects. These are also widely used knowledge carriers. In this way, our open source software is distributed and used widely throughout the world. In addition, there are numerous publications, conferences, workshops, webinars and other meetings where we reach a wide audience. Many of our publications and reports are public and accessible through our website.

It is important to us for our knowledge to remain accessible to all types of users, which is why we organise a range of different activities to serve specific groups as well as possible. Specially for SMEs (and start-ups), we are introducing the Technology Surgery.

Technology Consult

Deltares offers a one-day Technology Consult at which a Deltares expert looks at a technological question from an entrepreneur free of charge. The expert can help you with advice about, for example, the feasibility of your innovation, technical and substantive factors, and the system and the organisation. We can also get involved with discussions about possible alliances and bring you into contact with members of our network.

If you wish to take up this offer, please send your request to Nick Leung.  In order to make the link with the right expert, we ask you to address at least the following questions in your application:

  • What is your innovation (product, service or something else)?
  • And can you give a brief description of how it works and the current development stage?
  • Which issue and/or market do you have in mind for this innovation?
  • What is your question? Try to make this as concrete as possible.
  • Have you been in contact with Deltares before? If so, which colleague did you contact?

If you would like more information or if you have other questions about the Technology Consult specifically or questions in general about the possibilities of working with Deltares, please feel free to get in touch with us.


Examples of collaboration with SMEs

Deltares is intensively involved in the Delta Technology and Water Technology TKIs. A large number of SMEs have been working together on innovative solutions in these TKI projects since 2012. The projects are described on the TKI websites:

Projects Delta Technology TKI
Projects Water Technology TKI (dutch)
A few other examples of collaboration with SMEs in recent years:

Climate-KIC Innovation Vouchers Competition 2014
IJkdijk Programme
Collaboration on WaterConnect 2019
To provide you with the best possible assistance, Deltares works with SME-Netherlands, Chambers of Commerce, the Netherlands Enterprise Agency and industry organisations.