The Scientific Council functions as the scientific conscience of Deltares and represents the scientific expertise of Deltares. For doing this the Scientific Council reaches out to the other experts within Deltares. The Scientific Council safeguards the scientific quality of the work of Deltares and supervises the the scientific interpretation and embedding of mission-driven working, particularly with a focus on the long term. It provides solicited and unsolicited advice to the Strategic Management Team on the direction of work, important external developments and deployment of strategic research resources for the development of the knowledge base. Externally, the Scientific Council plays a prominent role in building up and propagating the scientific authority of Deltares and, to that end, nourishes a lively national and international network.

The Young Scientific Council also provides solicited and unsolicited advice and focusses on digital transformation and the connection between new technologies and domain knowledge. Both the councils therefore play an important role in realizing the ambitions outlined in the new Strategic Agenda.

The scientific council will put its mission at work by focusing on the following fields of action:

Reinforcing the scientific knowledge base

  • Inventory and evaluation of key areas of work in the Deltares portfolio and their key persons and university positions, key publications, tools, models, technology, experimental facilities, and fieldwork
  • Review work plans of strategic research, moonshots and other large research activities

Inspiring Deltares scientific community

  • Bring science back to the work floor and create opportunities for internal debate
  • Bring in external expertise by lectures/collaborations/managing networks
  • Open-up to internal questions and requests related to scientific elements of our work

Detecting and anticipating game-changers

  • Outside-in inventory of developments in science and society
  • Science scan: inventory of emerging technologies and tools
  • Societal scan: inventory of emerging societal topics and opportunities

Stimulating sound scientific practices and products

  • Creating awareness on scientific integrity and improving the quality of our work
  • Train ourselves in link between our work and the societal debate
  • Learn from the outside world on the art of scientific assessment and policy support
  • Monitor and reinforce practice of scientific integrity


From November 2021, the scientific council holds the following members:

Bart van den Hurk – Chair of the Scientific Council

Bregje van Wesenbeeck – Chair of the Scientific Council

Gualbert Oude Essink

Ghada El Serafy

Gilles Erkens

Mandy Korff

Marcel van Gent

Marjolijn Haasnoot

Photo of the members of the scientific council.
From left to right: Gilles Erkens, Bart van den Hurk (co-chair), Marcel van Gent, Ghada El Serafy, Mandy Korff, Gualbert Oude Essink, Marjolijn Haasnoot, Bregje van Wesenbeeck (co-chair).

Members Young Scientific Council

From November 2021, the Young Scientific Council holds the following members:

Margreet van Marle – chair of the YSC

Robert McCall – vice-chair of the YSC

Björn Backeberg

Bruno Zuada Coelho

Gundula Winter

Lörinc Meszaros

Sadie McEvoy

young scientific council
From left to right: Lorinc Meszaros, Bruno Zuada Coelho, Sadie McEvoy, Björn Backeberg, Gundula Winter, Robert McCall (vice-chair), Margreet van Marle (chair).

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