Deltares has a track record in working with the African corporate sector, governments, NGO’s and academia in developing innovative, practical, cost-effective and sustainable solutions for water, sub-soil and infrastructure related problems. We act at the local level, but also on a regional and even continental scale. We have worked in over 30 African countries, and we dare to share; all our research knowledge, software and models are made available for our clients and partners. As an applied research institute we aim for projects that consolidate and exchange knowledge.



In Africa, economic expansion, growing populations as well as land degradation and the impact of climate change are putting pressure on the available resources in deltas, coastal zones and river basins. This affects local population, businesses, governments and the environment. Managing densely populated, vulnerable areas is complex. In collaboration with our African partners we apply multi-disciplinary state of the art expertise to create solutions that are affordable, sustainable and profitable for both private and public parties. We do not only provide technical solutions, but also have in house expertise and experience in spatial planning, resource management and policy planning, legislation, governance and economic processes.

Energy and water availability, food security, climate change adaptation and spatial planning are key topics in developing Africa in which we are active. Below a selection of projects that we carried out in Africa is presented. They span a wide range of topics like coastal protection and harbour infrastructure design, environmental- and water quality assessment, integrated water resources management, delta infrastructure and sustainable delta cities, flood early warning, flood risk management, operational management of reservoirs and drought early warning.

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