Latin America

Our ambition for Latin America and the Caribbean is to contribute to the knowledge base of the LAC-countries in the field of water, subsurface and infrastructure, and mainstream Dutch knowledge and tools on integrated coastal and river basin management in the region.


The transparency with which we manage our projects and our free and open source modelling software plays an essential role to reach this objective. We believe that Latin America needs open knowledge and technologies that won’t create any dependencies on other (external) parties or may result in limitations in the future.

The activities of Deltares in Latin America are focused on applied research and sharing our knowledge, tools and expertise for (integrated) coastal and river basin management with governmental entities, universities and the private sector. Recent projects were focused on flood and drought risks, water quality and integrated water management and policy; in many cases this included strengthening capacities on modelling (hydrological, groundwater, hydrodynamical, water quality, operational) but also integral analysis on coastal erosion and climate adaptation policy.

cursus ColombianenLatin America has passed a major transition during last decade. Traditionally one of the most unequal continents in the world, middle class has grown significantly and currently most countries are categorized as upper middle income by the World Bank. It is more and more recognized by these countries that water management to secure water for life and productivity and reduce water related risks is fundamental to maintain this (inclusive) growth. Knowledge and tools resulting from applied research during last decades by Deltares in the Netherlands and the world, including computer models and integrated planning approaches, have shown to be of important added value to different countries in the region.

Some of our projects:



  • Operational Forecasting system and hydrological model Mamoré river


  • Flood forecasting and dam optimization Salto Grande dam


  • Support wave modelling



  • Oaxaca