Latin America

Through long term partnerships with local knowledge institutes and clients we are contributing to enhance water security in Latin America and the Caribbean. We do this by means of innovative and nature-based solutions and specialized consultancy in integrated water resource management, disaster risk management, resilient infrastructure development, urban water management, and financing water security.

Adapting to climate change, in a local context, lies at the heart of much of our work.


Dare to share

We tailor our input and highly specialized knowledge to the great diversity of natural resources of the region, with the aim to develop climate robust and adaptive solutions, build on the existing and growing knowledge base and fit within the specific institutional environment. By applying our motto ‘dare to share’, we aim for a lasting impact on communities, ecosystems and capabilities.

Much of our work is carried out through concrete projects for clients in the private and public sectors. These include public utilities and energy providers, international and regional enterprises, national and regional governments in the natural resources, water & environment, development and infrastructure sectors, and metropolitan authorities.

The dare to share motto applies to all our clients and includes the software and tools we develop as well as tailor-made consultancy products.


Integrated Water Resources Management: towards a water secure future




Operational water management and forecasting: ensuring robust and reliable information for decision-makers and stakeholders




Managing rivers and waterways




Resilient infrastructure and urban water systems




Disaster Risk Management and climate change: preparing for uncertainty




Financing Water Security: Closing the implementation gap of water security strategies




Capacity building and training