USA and Canada

In the US, there is a small, fully independent US not-for- profit called Deltares USA, Inc. (DUSA), located in Silver Spring, Maryland.  DUSA is a registered 501(c)(3) organization incorporated in the state of Maryland.

Rebuild by Design


Stichting Deltares in The Netherlands (DNL), together with DUSA, provides expertise on the following four topics:

  • Forecasting & operational water management
  • Coastal management (morphology, ecology)
  • Natural flood defense systems
  • Sustainable management of water resources  (groundwater modelling)
  • Deltares software (Delft-FEWS, Delft3D, DELWAQ, iMOD)

Iconic projects:

Canada is facing major challenges in the field of water and soil resources. The knowledge that DNL has developed within the Dutch delta area, can also be used for Canadian issues, such as flooding due to heavy rainfall.

AER and Deltares - Signing MoU

Deltares signing agreement with Alberta Energy Regulator (AER)